Still ill

I may have skipped the third day of my insufferable mishap but I am proud to brag that I have conquered it like it was my poodle. Safe in the loving belly of my bed I sleep comfortably once more at night knowing now that I have half-succeeded in attaining that which I have fought for in the first place. It is not without bad karma that I am bed-ridden, lethargic, and vomits every now and then. It was only yesterday when I threw up inside the underground tube much to my dismay, an unfortunate circumstance plagued only by my inability to measure my own weaknesses. Much to my hilarity was the reaction of an old woman running away in disgust seeing me puke blue vomit in my hand. Blue was the colour having drank Powerade earlier that day in Three Mills. In turn, Studio A was unlikely safe from the grasp of my regurgitation terror, had a similar one at the outside rolling bathroom and another in a rubbish bin just at the entrance with unwilling shoes waiting to be contaminated with my blue goo of death. I stopped by Caffè Nero after successfully fulfilling my responsibility of delivering Lisa's heels. I wasn't aware tea mixed with milk made such a huge difference in my stomach. I still had to expel a couple more trapped liquid substances in the bathroom earlier at that place though, but all in all I have found the almost perfect remedy for the common illness. There was a short incident inside that store that filled my mind with fuck. It had something to do with an Italian loon who was pestering me by asking who was the stranger who sent him an anonymous text message. He drove himself bonkers not being able to answer it himself while annoyingly calling me 'My Friend' in front of my face. I made up some things just to relax him a bit which only left him more agitated. Finally, I just had to tell him to go to his mobile carrier, in his case, Orange, and maybe pester them about it, and luckily he left me alone while I return to my monster hunting in the table. Damn, congalala. I went home soonafter shaking my spine off due to the weather as usual. Even my room was dominated by the extreme, negative temperature.

I still was unfortunately ill.

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