Sprained my ankle tendons once again from running. This has become quite a routine during my jogging sessions. When that occurred I decided the best course of action was to instead just walk. After running for two kilometres I wouldn't think of switching to walking. The fulfilment was just not the same as it was when running. The reason people do running is to be exhausted and for their respiration to adapt to the sudden change. When one switches from running to walking there is no effort involved except the pain incurred to the soles of the feet flattening to the earth. Perhaps the same could be said of sexual intercourse, but my mind wanders once more to greater lengths undefined. Vivid imagination run rampant closing the doors to reality and introducing receptacles of perversity and frustrations rolling into one giant ball of wants that fail to materialise into something more artificial. I'm finishing my dinner and wine and now my eyes start to flicker and fingers yawn at the sight of keyboard letters. 

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