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Tomorrow I set sail for Cambridge where I reunite with my other half in order to please her relatives who are visiting the United Kingdom assumingly for the first time. Finally out of London once more for a little bit of head-cleansing. For the couple of days it's either nothing or pain. All that's left standing is a bag of unfinished businesses, some responsibilities to get my bum around, and to find something which is less diabolical than an intellectual hikikomori on high.

World Map of Vel

World building got a lot more fleshed out after spending a couple of hours in Covent Garden when the language exchange ended. Happy to say it got a lot more interesting, but it needs more polishing and a sprinkle of personality. It's a slow and arduous process.


Language exchange made me feel like a student, a retard. My awkwardness reawakened and my senses were all clamped down like an electrocuted duck. Obviously my aim was to study Korean. I definitely need a more educated tutor.

LeBron James handpicks NBA 2K14 soundtrack

NBA 2K14 as handpicked by LeBron James (and/or management): Cool 2 be Southern - Big KritParadise (On Earth) - Cris CabLost! - ColdplayGet Lucky - Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams)Started From The Bottom - DrakeNot Afraid - EminemLong Run - Fly UnionClint Eastwood - GorillazRadioactive - Imagine DragonsCan't Stop Me - Jada Kiss (feat. Ayanna Irish)The Ruler's Back - Jay ZWho Do We Think We Are - John Legend (feat. Rick Ross)All Of The Lights - Kanye WestNow Or Never - Kendrick LamarCan't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton)Hate Me Now - Nas (feat. Puff Daddy)In The Air Tonight - Phil CollinsBlurred Lines - Robin Thicke (feat. Pharrell)Elevator - The Black KeysHowlin For You - The Black Keys
Not too shabby, LeBron. I would have personally swapped Elevator to Have Love Will Travel. Not only because it's a great song, but it would have been ironic. 
Final score: 4/5

Old friends, epistaxis

"You need a goal," an old flame had said to me earlier. "You need a goal and aim for it with cold-hearted intent. Then we will meet again."
Such fighting words. I've only suffered heartbreak the day before. It did make me realise how absent I am with goals. It's like I suffer from a lack of imagination, a drive.
I replied with an empathic jest. She took off, and my day was over. My nose then rained blood on me.

Long walks ahead, heigh-ho!

The choices are as follows: Hadrian's Wall Path (84 miles)The Pennine Way (255/258 miles)Southwest Coast Path (628.5 miles) -- Holy shit!Glyndwr's Way (134 miles)Hadrian's Wall Path would suffice for now, if only for the time to consume. The Pennine Way is tempting, but logistically speaking still out of luck, perhaps after stealing a companion or two along the way. And I wouldn't want to be heading to Wales yet without Mioseon, who is far and away for the first time spending a week or two with visiting relatives. The ideal target would be the Southwest Coast Path, but for now one at a time.
The weather right now is just ripe for gallivanting. Plans for (mis)adventure are commencing as we speak.


Nitto & Nitta @ Hampstead Heath
Some months ago, with what now feels like forever.

Twin Peaks

There was a botched attempt by me earlier to watch three episodes of Twin Peaks back-to-back after seeing the pilot the night before. It was difficult. It aged quite unhandsomely. It felt like watching discovered footages in your attic kept safe by your grandfather. I suppose I'm a Lynchian, but no, I'm giving up. Not because of the slow-moving plot or anything like that. The show, by the fourth episode, gave me heavy nausea and very little attention span.
But I'm optimistic. I'll probably keep this in hopes to watch it sometime in the near future, when my frustrations for it wane or for reference purposes.

Money Work Money Work Money

First day: Gone. Taken. By a cousin. No money, no job. All the time in the world. Cue bravado. World-building steadily improved. There is joy in sadness. The cough is here to stay.
Coke. Cola, cola. Zero family. The slut of a sister. Rediscovery. The job is mandatory, masturbatory. Questions, more questions, more questions than answers with questions.
Snore, yeah, yeah. Come back. Respond to me. Lost you.
Miss you.
Sad. My memory of you eating a burger fighting. That's not the way to live a life, to strengthen the relationship. 
Where do we find you, sweet thing that provides us with anything, everything? Food, clothing, gears, stuff, yada. Green, green grass of home. Then you get a wedding -- a red wedding -- and I click just to like it.
Let's make business. Get filthy rich. Poor people in a rich country giving money to rich people in a poor country. The theory, we shall walk it. Fire walk it.
Let's walk and walk. Tent.
Let's walk.

The Purge

The nameless homeless black guy should definitely be the star in the sequel.
Short review: Movie was gripping until the Preppies finally entered the house. Feel free to 'purge' my memories from the next scenes then on.