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Me You Sun

One time we were one She was both my moon and the sun Every day was for me fun Until one day she was gone;
He followed his heart Even though he tore hers apart What he did wasn't very smart He did not know where to start;
Sadness, it spoke hello Hello, hello, and off I go The trip I took to see her grow She slipped away, even though;
Three months trapped waiting Near her commiserating Days spent on love and hating Days against my brain debating;
One sun and the fun was gone; Our heart apart was no smart start; Hello, I go, I never grow though Waiting and commiserating Nothing worse than hating and debating.

My first crack at paint

I suck.

A dream of Wes Anderson-like aesthetics

I had a dream.
A dream in medias res. The last five-minutes before fully awakening actually, so it's not technically medias. We were in a mall-like place, a grand Victoria Plaza, with beautiful girls, sisters, and some guys in this universe that I somehow knew, but all were faceless. Just people. A vivid dream with no clarity beyond the shapes and sizes. But I liked them, and they happened to like me back, and one of them appreciated me more than the others.
"It's nine," she said, referring to the time. We still have time. I have a gut instinct this one is calling for the movies. I could not for the life of me remember what film it was.
And so we hurried off to the back, running the roundabout until we reached it, and sadly there wasn't a lift to be found. It was just a huge leafy gazebo that are normally found in dreams, totally fake and pretentious. And so all of them ran again, towards the higher steps, the Wonderland-esque escalators and other snakey bits of…

Deason Terry

People are always looking for things to endure. Suffering is mostly self-inflicted. Like a madman looking for a cure to dwarfism and hypertrophy. Mingling and meandering and spinning round and round. What would be fun is when the crows come to town for their annual hunt; destroying countless pigeons along the way, taking cigarette butts and ashes from our doorsteps, and chewing off the bones left from those cretins down at the back alley quay.
"We need some words from our sponsors," the high fisher said, in a raspy voice.
And all the dolphins leapt from the pond screaming NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! repeatedly until one of the speakers exploded from the sky, fell down into the giraffe's face, causing the lions to laugh hysterically.
"Bring in the man," said the high fisher, the raspiness now gone, becoming more sinister.
The man came out, gagged within an inch of his flesh, eyes bulged, and his teats intact for all to see. He was nothing more but a spectacle now for …