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Semana Santa

Bursts of self-induced orgasm woke me up from the verisimilitudinous nightmare that I, even at the topmost edge of defiance, fail to extract from the overlapping memories of the same kind of verisimilitudinous, tangible being when awake, as tiny specks of dust nonetheless with a sense of entitlement from the world around us. Even at countless repetition of announcement I still only remembered the occasion partly because; a) there is no class, and b) seemingly every single pawns within the realm of my social network greets with joyous pardon the same kind of action they do when the religion demands it to be so. And as my orgasm waned at the worthless thoughts, I diverted my thoughts into more practical matters worthy of my procrastinations, and so I lingered and rolled in my bed for almost seemingly an hour doing nothing, thinking of devious plots to master deception at its finest for future references or just make myself a late breakfast at four in the afternoon, not minding the two g…

Timtimang kapalaluan

Hinablot ng mangkukulam ang sinturon ng tagapagligtas ng babaeng kanyang bihag. Ibinalik niya ito sa lalaki ngunit ito na'y naging ahas sa muli niyang paghawak nito. Bigla na lang siyang napatalon palayo sa takot at naging duwag sa mga mata ng prinsesa. Sabi ng prinsesa sa kanyang sarili, 'Hindi ito ang aking tunay na tagapagligtas, sapagkat ako'y ililigtas ng aking iibigin, at ako'y iibigin lamang ng isang tunay na matapang na mandirigma.'
Samakatuwid pinaalis niya mismo ang lalaki sa kanyang harapan, na siyang napahiya nang dahil lamang sa sinturong naging ahas. Umuwi itong bigo at durog ang damdaming umaasa sa kamay ng prinsesang nasa panganib. Hindi niya lubos maisip kung bakit pinili pa ng babae na tiisin ang hirap na dulot ng kapangyarihan ng mangkukulam kaysa sa inaalok nitong tulong, ngunit hindi niya kayang tanggihan ang kahilingan ng babae, sapagkat ang babae ang siyang laging ginagalang kahit na'y ito'y nasa landas na hindi wasto.
Ilang araw ang l…

Doubleplus ungood

Somebody once told me that I only get to experience once the perfect moment of elation. He, while in a state of drunken stupor, in many ways, was talking mainly of my life in romance, but the words he uttered stuck on me and lingered for years to come. Not to mention he was a drug addict at that. Assuming that the guy was a whore too would not be impossible. Those were some of the darkest times behind me that I am glad to have pursued despite the anguish. Even at that instance of weakness, I still managed to have personal control over my influences and was even respected for that overall. At that one moment, we were exchanging rum with water, and the heat flowing into our gastrointestinal tracts kept us awake long enough to stand and walk for miles in a warm, sunny day in the wild. I should not even have to defend the idea but I have to admit, it kept me hoping up until this point.
I can not even remember his face anymore, let alone his name. And in some ways I consumed his spirit into…

Nothing is necessary anymore

The last words were spoken, and the regrets came flowing in like vein cut off from the supply and now gasping for its depending nutrition, unknowingly killing the final ounce of life from within. The dry, coarse throat made a final screech and that imposing rage, no matter how strong, was still inadequate and nevertheless weak. The loss at that point was overbearing, attacking its host slowly before it moves to annihilate completely the empty cartridges of blood. The hydrocephalic head burst upon impact, and the score was totally nullified. It was not about the humiliation or the point of attack, moreso the execution, the will to succeed and the unwillingness of willpower itself. For whatever purpose mental sharpness served it was never evident, and now set the stage for chance's funeral. An undead metaphor to serve as the reminder of conflicting loss. The tragedy of storytelling.
The eyes were not blind, and neither were of course the audiences'. For whatever its worth convinc…

Game of Thrones

Midget and boobs, blood and swords, arrows and wolves. Speaking of canines, doggies and twins! Geddit? Doggy, twins. Twins in doggies! (cue in Snoop Dogg's Sensual Seduction background music) Incest! Hot!! I mean, eww.
That's the pilot episode of Game of Thrones folks.


Find myself waking up in darkness, checks the clock, it says '4 a.m.' I return to sleep.
Find myself waking up in light, checks the clock, it says '8 a.m.' Still I return to sleep.
Wakes up at around 11, only to figure out there's not much to figure out. My next appointment is still at 15, and I'm left with nothing to do. Whenever I hear a sound from the outside it frightens me. The bossy idiots from the outside would engulf me whole and I would never want to stir another anxiety, not yet.
So I sit idly in my bed and wait.

Fallen on deaf ears

It was all too much brown. I stared at it long enough for me to understand that there wasn't anything much in it but the same old things over and over, and because of that I personally learned how to manage my own advocacies tighter than I previously would, meaning that I wouldn't have had the same amount of results if I only pursued the more drastic solutions. I have already fallen way to deep into that gaping hole, no wonder the people you see are nothing more but just puppets to the trade and the whatnot, and of course that includes the people I personally know as well. In many theoretical ways, I myself may be a puppet, but does a puppet really think?
On the other side of the brown was the radiating but slowly fading powers of the yellow of the sun, understandably so since I started gazing at that massive ball ten past six in the evening, and the wind recalls an uneasy whisper to the spring heat, something that I no longer would like to look forward to as much as possible. …

Proyekto: Bahaghari

Kanina’y naglakad patungo sa hagdang walang katapusan ang aking mga paa’t ngayon ko lamang napansing malapit na palang mapudpod ang kapal ng aking tsinelas. Hindi ko na matandaan ang unang beses na ako’y tumayo at saka gumapang sa daang hindi ko man lang naisip tawirin. Nagising na lamang ako sa katotohanang ako’y nag-iisa, naglalakbay sa mala-gintong bundok na aking kinatatayuan. Ako’y napangiti, napatingin sa aking paligid, at guminhawa ng malalim, at biglang napaisip kung ako ba’y nananaginip o gising.
Hindi nagtagal ay may narinig akong boses na galing sa malayo’t umaalingasaw sa hangin na parang amoy ng malansang isda sa palengke. Pilit ko mang intindihin ang sinasabi nito ay hindi ko magawa, na para bang ako’y niloloko ng aking kapaligiran, na para bang pinaglalaruan ng gintong bundok na ito ang aking isipan. Hangarin ko lamang ay magpahinga sapagka’t ako’y napapagod at nagugutom, at hindi ko alam ang aking unang gagawin. Kung ako ay nasa aking panaginip ay kinakailangang magisi…


The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on Earth. But I think that's a luxury, not a curse. To know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take... inventory. Outgunned. Outnumbered. Out of our minds on a suicide mission, but the sands and rocks here stained with thousands of years of warfare... they will remember us for this. Because out of all our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves. We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth. With vigour in our hearts and one goal in sight: We will kill him.


2011: A Space Lab Odyssey


So I just took interest in rehearsing and devising this piece called A Warm Welcome by Rowan Atkinson, which is a character standup piece that features the devil in a three-minute monologue, that he used as an icebreaker for his live performance from years ago. A very funny one at that, obviously hard to top, but that's not the objective.
And then two movies, both of Korean nature, comes to me recently also bears the concept of the devil in both theme and title, I Saw The Devil and Bedevilled. What is it with the devil anyway? 
I Saw The Devil reunites my telly with Choi Min-Sik of Oldboy fame, a movie I just recently re-watched a couple of weeks back to introduce to a friend how amazing that movie was and still is.
Anyway I just found it really disturbing that these devilish pieces almost revolved at the same moment together when I am already working on one that has in a way similar concept. Still thinking if there are any other relation but for now I've pointed out the more obv…


"What am I to you?"Those were the last wordsThe last time we met The first time unvoiced It echoes on and on Moving our lives farther Unknown territories Here and there Cries of despair Longing and passion Whenever the phone rings The sweet smell of cigarette Turbo fuels my lungs She stands still Like time on my shoulder Like a fan on spring Playing on mother's snore Music to the ears Food for the fist Maddening rage for he He who does not pray To a god who does not sin And the woman who lusts Wherever I go I hear her gulping Another man's semen Down the throat Fucking deep into Not care but defeat It fails to stretch the lies The truth and the wise Time flies He cries, I cry You die Why Fly I


Blurry images. Blowing past like cornflakes. It all covered the minutes. Foster's in hand. Lots of Foster's. Heavy. Blush past people in queue. Embarrassing. Back to walking. The usual. Short walks.
Few minutes. Knock on the door. No answer. See a doorbell. Diminutive, inadequate. Lift finger to press it. Presses once. Wait. No answer. Two minutes. Press again. Answer.
Hug. Presence unbecoming, hormonal instability increase by the minute. Rush, not late, but still. Familiar sight of location guaranteed. There he was, a brother in spirit. No acknowledgement or hello. Yet. Lift feet and mustered enough courage. Don't let fail warrant success now. Acknowledgement and hello.
Familiar woman. Good lord woman. Sweet bejesus, almighty, heavenly woman. Recalling past memories.  Know now. Just fucking wow.
Smell of flesh burning. Glance left. There it is. Meat, sweet meat. Not too much, can't help it. Social interaction taking longer than usual. High time for establishment of acquai…

Mass Effect

Just finished my first playthrough of the game. What an amazing universe it surely is. Starting my second but insanity at the beginning is just fucking hell. I will correct my wrongs with new game plus with my femshep. Stupid Jack and some unknown crew including that slut Kelly died. But first I have to go rogue with a male Shepard, try out the renegade path. As asshole an asshole can be, even going so far as killing Wrex from the get-go, hah!