So I just took interest in rehearsing and devising this piece called A Warm Welcome by Rowan Atkinson, which is a character standup piece that features the devil in a three-minute monologue, that he used as an icebreaker for his live performance from years ago. A very funny one at that, obviously hard to top, but that's not the objective.

And then two movies, both of Korean nature, comes to me recently also bears the concept of the devil in both theme and title, I Saw The Devil and Bedevilled. What is it with the devil anyway? 

I Saw The Devil reunites my telly with Choi Min-Sik of Oldboy fame, a movie I just recently re-watched a couple of weeks back to introduce to a friend how amazing that movie was and still is.

Anyway I just found it really disturbing that these devilish pieces almost revolved at the same moment together when I am already working on one that has in a way similar concept. Still thinking if there are any other relation but for now I've pointed out the more obvious ones.

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