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Contrary to popular opinion, it seems I, alone, am the only person who loves her hair unkempt. I could scarcely imagine her hair freeflowing from the scalp through her neck smoothly and uncurled. There is no better option than to leave it be, attacking in all directions and spitting and hissing at every heads loitering beside it.


The night was over. The walk was over. Goodbyes were given and taken and we are back again to solitude.
Each of our lives shared upon one another, handing over fake smiles and hellos like never before. This hostility is becoming so much more familiar. From then I see the light, and no light, and in between lights, wondering if a spell or flicker in my flesh still remain. No, there were none.
I look back, and I recall the pain and suffering once again. I look forward and there it is.

Just a Boy

They've only just begun, yet again, and I stomp my face to the wall in humiliation. What an ass. My throat throbs in anticipation, my fingers carpal tunnel, and my heart, oh my heart shattered into tiny shards of red scattered all around the membranes looking for something to fucking choke to death in retaliation.

Cool Hand Fluke

One year passed: Old flames rekindle. Is this some sort of a twisted joke? On the dark, freezing twilight she swerves on the highway. Immediately an impulse to attack. Her head tilts to my view. Attack me, no, she thinks, I know him! Wha-- It's you! Smiles illuminated the space. Fruitful hi's and hello's. Usual. Bit shaken, I am. Can't tell if it's from the weather or the suddenness of it all. She's still as sparkling as carbonated water as ever. Love. Not again. I kicked my ass awake. Listen, she speaks, and speaks a whole lot. She's happy. Then a broken smile. Not totally happy, I guess. That's good. There's room to fill the gap. That's my take anyway. We speak and speak, I could speak with her the night away. For me the smile was enough. Her awkward voice, not to mention. Oh miss it, dearly do I.
Then we went our separate ways. Love burning? No idea. Lost my purchases in the tube station. Dark Souls. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Ruined the mood. Bu…