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Some days it hurts

way past the line by now the drenched heat filling up void there is no excuse i love her no matter the price we are on the verge of sacrifice a death to clean us of our sins to be born anew and in light we smile for the hope it would change for us even my mother or my father or my sister the new brothers and fathers and mothers here and far away i look forward to the day but for now the morning weeps my sorrow flourishes becomes much more distilled flow water hard to come by wishes that my death would cure this all and in the night they would be blinded by the thoughts of failure that they offered to me out of desperation hate anger lust things that matter little to the grand scheme of things what is a day when the duvet is the only place to stay and the only thing to keep her warm while i wallow too much my pathetic self-pity how long will this slide and how far will it go the noise at dawn where the people rise and shake there comes a time when i implode into a suffocating duffel o…