"What am I to you?"
Those were the last words
The last time we met
The first time unvoiced
It echoes on and on
Moving our lives farther
Unknown territories
Here and there
Cries of despair
Longing and passion
Whenever the phone rings
The sweet smell of cigarette
Turbo fuels my lungs
She stands still
Like time on my shoulder
Like a fan on spring
Playing on mother's snore
Music to the ears
Food for the fist
Maddening rage for he
He who does not pray
To a god who does not sin
And the woman who lusts
Wherever I go
I hear her gulping
Another man's semen
Down the throat
Fucking deep into
Not care but defeat
It fails to stretch the lies
The truth and the wise
Time flies
He cries, I cry
You die

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