Liberation, finally, is at hand.

There was a time in my life where I thought about giving up and wanting  to cause harm to others constantly, but now all that has torn asunder. My moment of peace has bear fruition and effect and starting today all that will remain constant and dynamic, an everlasting bliss filled with hope and vindication. I can finally concentrate more on my personal development without the cause of alarm of having to bear stressful and inhumane lifestyles of the poor and lazy. Indeed the year of the rabbit, my year of the rabbit (born 1987), is turning out to be consistently good. In any case, I need not be complacent or slip into obscure, irrational procrastination. I must remain steadfast in my desire to succeed. My vigilance to pursue this plan of action is going stronger. I have never felt so jubilant since the moment they all left me to rot in my old country. Reclaim what is meant to be mine, such is my next feat. Failure is not an option. It never stood a chance despite its best efforts to do so, and my heart will remain burning with desire throughout the weeks to come. Nothing will stand against me, nothing anymore. 

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