Fable of the ant that once was

I saw an ant leading a swarm of bees into oblivion. He would reign upon them as would their queen do the same damn thing. It began what seemed like an endless road to dystopia down to a narrow path of birthright. Thus the ant proved worthy of title despite of its diminutive size. Because the lackeys knew the lust for power is tantamount to infinite potential that even the most bigoted seem to nod heads upon.

But an ant proved futile for long-term aspirations as they realised, its fragile longevity struggles to remain afloat. Power proved too ambitious for such a lowly creature. Invertebrates find reason to survive and maintain the cycle of life and death. They are neither nihilists nor existentialists, they live not for themselves but for the greater good of more convincing predators like gigantic fowls or sharp-toothed reptiles. They live to make ends meet for others, the flora and fauna, and the different types of matter and energy, and decomposition of life in general. Insects defined as pests, none fit to rule as tyrants nor slaves. They belong to a greater disposition agnostic of desire and creator.

Thus the ant's demise was largely ignored. And when the pig stood up in its place, everyone immediately noticed for a pig has a definitive reputation, a mark in creation, a visibility in animal kingdom being the only creature to prove that wit and charm caters not to the measurement of one's waist but of intellect and whim.

The ant served its purpose and faded in history, not even marked by any nor acknowledged.

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