Do you still remember the moments of our first meeting? Honestly I no longer retain that memory. It wasn't so long ago when I saw you saw me handing out rude stares at everyone but there you were, not minding a single bit, when I encountered several mismanagements in decision making and picking up fights with female co-workers amongst the workplace because of a stupid argument.

Do you recall our first conversations? Because I don't. But I remember how much you made me feel every single time we did. Me and some other guys mentored you and you ended up teaching me everything more than I needed to know. You adapted well and I was complacent as usual clinging on to that sedentary lifestyle that once was. I could recall asking myself often weighing the option of possibly having you as someone whom I can love, and startlingly I said no to it, thinking about how you were that snotty, little brat with a high-pitched voice and sweet-as-sin, crooked countenance.

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