Shaun the Sheep

At this current moment is the very first time I watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep. Nadieh the Dutch from class frequently mentions this adorable white mammal. In her own hysterical way, her eyes light up every single moment I put on my protective snow headgear that resembles that of this creature and, while smiling, calls me by the name of Shaun the Sheep. I really have no idea if I should take such actions lightly and if these are compliments or insults. At least I made her smile in an unexpected way, that is what matters. It is very difficult to please performers such as them and I value every single smile or praise they can utter to me for that would be a rare and momentous occasion. Except, of course, those people that I find stale in comparison with the majority.

Here I go again with my cynicism.

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