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Nothing better than shopping...

... after long months of not being able to, either because I lack the sufficient funds to do so or I simply have no longer control of my time as I divulge myself fully to my newfound interest, theatre. First of all I had no intention of going shopping. I didn't have enough before I woke up this morning. My utmost priority was mainly to resolve the internal conflict going on with regards to my visa renewal. I did the biometrics thing at Elephant and Castle which was eerily deja vu, like I was back at Manila for a couple of minutes. I tried hard not to be anxious and nervous but I can't help especially after the dude told me I had lots of bad prints on my first try. I had to go to the washroom and wash my filthy hands. Only God knows (and me) where it has been for the past couple of days, and I wouldn't want to tell you myself. It's a personal secret. I went back and I, unsure whether or not fortunate, finally got it partially right having only two left questionable fingerprints on my left hand. He told me then that the appointment is adjourned and that they most likely will call me back within ten weeks. If not then I should probably contact them myself otherwise I be damned if I can stay any more longer in this snow-laden country. I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity to throw away that which I started in LISPA.

And so after that I finally had been able to go shopping again, and I had orgasms every single time I entered a shop and did what I normally had not been able to. From Elephant and Castle, I traversed on towards Oxford Circus where all the money-sucking enterprises gather around to swindle tourists into poverty, and they wouldn't mind. Not at all. If given the chance I would buy them all and give nothing back. Truth is I'd rather have things I don't need rather than need them but I don't or no longer have them. It felt so refreshing albeit slightly fatigued from walking. The shoes I used were dad's jumbo Timberlands. Good for the snow but terribly out of fashion. It depends, really. I just don't have the matching clothes to match them with. I kind of like them, but I wouldn't really bet on it. It's as manly as gay. I needed something more subtle, something with a touch of what an entrepreneurial tycoon would wear. I ended up buying something I didn't desperately as of this moment. Ties. I've been looking for some for quite some time now. I'm finally happy with my first purchase but I can't help but fear the consequences of the changes I am undergoing in time. Hush! Leave the narcissisms and pessimisms and all other future -isms. There were lots of things I saw that I valued but none really that captured my interest, I decided to leave it for now after having walked back and forth from the rainy sidewalks to the burning heaters of the edifices. Can't help but itch every single time. Spent a couple of hours loitering especially at HMV where I was deeply contemplating buying keyboards for my band and some accessories for my recently purchased iPhone. Nothing. I soon gave up and left the ever-so-crowded streets and set sail for Westfield so that I could go home easily if I want to.

After the bus ride I found myself walking towards Argos. Never bought a single thing from there not even once, but I really wanted to buy something for my fitness training and exercises. I didn't indulge myself into every workout accessory I found but I bought an exercise ball and sit up support instead. Not bad for a first time buyer. I like the hassle-free experience and my initial impression was satisfactory considering there were quite a number of customers in that store when I entered, and I still did not know how to buy things. They do things quite unorthodox there. I managed to fix my curious nature by using my quick wit and common sense and left the store with a huge smile on my face. Now it's finally time for Westfield.

Typical route when I entered. Either I go directly to HMV (again) or I stop in the Apple Store. That's the normal visit I usually do when first entering that place. There were a hefty number of people inside but fortunately it wasn't like I would suffocate if I'd been there. So I did my rounds the same pathway, bought a Chaplin book which would have made a perfect gift for Secret Santa. Slipped a screen protector into one of the pages to hide it and paid at the counter. Voila! Free item, but don't tell anyone, heh.

It was here that after walking for the entire day I found myself exhausted. Shopping has been tremendously overwhelming especially on my legs. I went to Superdrug and bought all my household necessities and then BAM! comes the dynamite. I met Perfume again. I may not have mentioned her before but she has actually quite a lasting impression on me. I first met her a few months ago after being out with Marcos and some of the other guys after class in The English Studio. We were slacking off while Erika was out buying stuff for her (dis)pleasure and I (we) met her. She had the same snowy hair since I last saw her, same length and same body proportions. I've been fatter so I doubtfully agree she remembers me. Third time's a charm? Not really. I pussed out as I normally do. I finished everything then left. She whispered something inaudible to me though after she passed by me. I figured it was just an 'excuse me' whisper. It seemed that way. Cruel world.

So my day finishes and I went home full-handed. I'm as happy as a prostitute in a bar. The ball consumed my energy trying hard to inflate it. I ate a two-course meal within a lengthy period in between but heavy consumption. I'm happy my room is finally clean after tidying it up with grade A effort. I could never be happier.

Now if only I could get away from this place...

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