Barbecue with my nugs

Something peculiarly interesting was notable when I bought my favourite kiddie nuggets from McDonald's last night. Well, it wasn't the actual nuggets itself that was in question but its accompanying sauce.

The barbecue dipping. It was different now, the container was slightly bigger and more accommodating, and the taste varied as well. It was a lot more spiced than previous. Got me wanting a drink after another. It's also a lot better taste-wise. The old one was slightly disappointing. It always lacked something despite being so tasty. It stunk too!

Not minding the mole in my thumb, this photo from above clearly shows the tiny bit dramatic change of improvement. It's more or less like sauce now than it was not so long ago when it resembled clay. I love it! I want more of it, in fact. I always find myself choosing this dipping above all else. Beats me why.

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