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The Drama of Truth

The bed was all unkempt when Christian woke up. He'd have been staying naked in bed for an entire week after she left him, trying to struggle going back to reality and basic everyday life. His eyes were all blackened and bagged by severe lack of sleep. Four filled one-litre bottles sit in a table next to the bed, some used plates and scattered kitchen utensils here and there, and cigarette butts making an unsightly view. The laptop connected to a flatscreen LED television had been running for as long as anyone knew. But for all these things dirtying up the room, Christian's Moleskines can be found stacked neatly on a corner, with a red Cath Kidston one noticeably dangling out signifying frequent use.

The first thing Christian does whenever he wakes up is to check the web for news updates, both for himself and the world around him, so that despite his voluntary solitary confinement he wouldn't feel left out from the world outside. He opens up his Facebook to check for messages and random updates from his circle of friends. Unfortunately, he receives a message just once or twice in probably a week, sometimes coming from the same person or a stranger spamming their very own scam-filled contents. Afterwards, he then proceeds to open up either Quora or io9, to fill up his cravings for any and every scientific knowledge shared in those websites. Sometimes he provides his very own amateur perspective, giving tidbits and personal experiences about things that may concern others or not. He had had received a Top Writer award from Quora for this accomplishment, and he seldomly wears it as a badge of honour, despite the fact that there are only a subset of people in the city who is aware of the website's existence and relevance. This niche turns advantageous at most times and rather hipster with some, and Christian wallows at the audiences of both preferences.

He normally spends more than three or four hours in one session after waking, and still staying in bed. The only times he find himself pulling out of the bed is when there is an urge to use the toilet and/or the irresistibility of hunger. He knows how to utilise the kitchen well enough for its intended goal but hardly maximises its potential. The simplest ones often leave him with enough nourishment to last the entire day and another half a day's marathon in the web before passing out. The repetition of his everyday routine goes on and on.

Christian is twenty and six years of age by the time of this writing. He loves writing, reading, watching films and television, walking, eating, hiking, and many other activities a normal boy would. For all the things that he is, he also has his own negative sides and personal problems; he has no close attachment to/with his family. His father is a principled man who retired early from a stable job as an accountant at the age of fifty that ended up dooming the family relations by the time he reached sixty, His mother is a bricoleur and a housewife. She became the breadwinner of the family after their business had gone to shambles following several bankruptcies and lawsuits. She and her husband never get along well since probably forever, but reiterates that they maintain ties for the futures of their children. His sister is on her last year of teenage years. Freakishly likeable, popular, talented, and pretty. Totally different and opposite from Christian, who, despite his deep wit and immaculate humour, continues to struggle finding that audience to which best fits his overall personality and whim.

Together they form a terribly unified family struggling to make ends meet at their own respective leisures. 

After Christian consumed the two eggs he fried earlier, he resumed his normal business. There are no other pleasures available to him except surfing the web for all kinds of content. Well, strictly speaking, he can always go out and enjoy the outdoor activities with which London prides itself with, But Christian prefers to remain indoors and spend his precious time diving into productive nothingness. His financial status does not allow him the privilege to enjoy the finer things in life. He would rather save it all for a more worthy cause. When she left him -- she being his lover -- he swore to follow her to the ends of the earth to find and reclaim her. Christian has an unbelievable love story you see, and that story converges itself to the present.

His story is that of fallibility and misery. A man's storm that no one of the opposite gender can calm easily.

I hope to share his stories as the day pass, hoping to shed light to the mystery with which Christian finds himself drawn upon. My intention is to share and not preach, not judge, nor discriminate. It's a real-life struggle for an everyman's journey in life. The drama of truth, the sin of the concept of love.


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