A Priori

Hey. [Squats facing the audience. Clocks at someone.] But I miss you. [Pause.]
[Pause.] I love you. You should know. [Pause.] We should act now. Before it's made illegal.
[Pause.] You should know. [Gingerly collapses to the ground.] There is no other way.
[Pause. Head loose like jelly.] It's everybody's mission, not my own.
[Pause.] You should know. [Pause.] Because one day...
[Pause.] You will miss me. [Pause.] For the same reason I do now.
[Pause.] For nothing at all.
[Undulate to sitting position. Head last. Pause.
Clocks at the same person earlier, for five seconds. Quickly look away after.
Pause. Stay for five seconds.
Bring the lights down.
Fade out.]

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