Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Time slowly passes by, clock strikes two and my eyes drown to my shoe. The game has yet begun, the girl has already gone. The one that got away. She shot to pay like gangrenous grey on peeling flesh.

Tick tock tick...

One last message, one last more, this whore in high dosage.

... tock tick tock tick...

The chickens have escaped from the orange yellow box and into the abyss. Where does it lead? Where do you piss?

Surprise, surprise. Little sunshine Mae. Aunt Helen is calling and she wants her tongue back. The only way she's going astray is if she meets the gangrenous grey, the girl of prey.

'CONGRATULATIONS!' she said, coiling her face into that vortex of awkward smile of hers. 'Now fuck off.' So I hugged everyone just wishing it all away.

... tick tick tick tick... tick.

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