For those of you who saw the maple tree and thought of it as their lover
For those of you who got run down by a dog and felt it laugh
For those of you who spoke to a shrink and got told to buzz off
For those of you who spilt milk on a plane and caused panic
For those building blocks I lost out of nowhere when I was four
For those clothes you once wore but all of a sudden is now old
For the moon high up above who chants faint whispers and glow
For all the meat I stuffed into my mouth before I became a vegetarian
For the fake guitar at home I  used to impress my friends coming over
For the books I failed to read and used solely for decorative purposes
To my mom and dad I love to hate and still hate all the more
To my sister whose innocence proved fatal to our demise
I should have known
I should have known
I repeat, I should have known
So I wouldn't be alone

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