Happy New Year! (not again)

So I just got back from my NYE party. It was so short and unsatisfying. Midnight struck and I didn't even notice it until people inside were singing Auld Lang Syne in unison. Had our glass of champagne and that was it. We just had to go home, night's over, everyone's tired from the long travel beforehand.

This night was not anything special as opposed to all the others. Last year was way worse though, and I'm glad I have this now rather than last year's once again. A funny thing happened. One blonde girl hit on me, and I pussed out as fucking usual. Sorry, dad. I am such a disappointment, hah. I blanked out unknowingly, and everything was as easy to get as ABC, and I messed up big time. I should do more of this eyeing stuff next time, but next times are not always the same. Regret, anxiety, disgrace, disappointment.

I'm not going to sleep well tonight, am I? Fuckity fuck fuck.

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