It was awful, she said. What? Of course not, she affirms. What do you mean of course not, asks the man. Of course of course not! She yells in high, deafening pitch. The whole room cowers beneath the wooden tables in fear and shock. One man slowly rises up and smiles awkwardly. He says hi to you all. She calms and smiles back. He runs away. What a pussy. He should die, whispers another guy cowering. Why? Asks the lady beside her. Because he’s a pussy. Don’t say that, she angrily responds. Why not? Asks the guy. Because it’s inappropriate! By this time she was getting pretty annoyed with him, another woman beside her can tell. Her face was fuming with rage and thunder, she reckons. Okay! Get the fuck out of here, all of you! Says the angry, yelling woman. Why? Asks the annoying guy. BECAUSE I SAID SO! The whole room became red with incessant rage.

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