Dancing Mad

Feel I am dancing mad for sure
The birds would sing in unison
Where words are gone and feathers undulate
The lone rooster then losts in tune
And if by chance the hens dominate
He gives himself into the disguise
There always is one that draws him in
Even if none of them fall under the spell
So then we act the fool and wait
A weeklong agony, a fistful of despair
O longing bring the birds back their flair!
Give the man a one for heaven's sake
It's not every day joy slips into view
When as slippery as slime it bleeds mocked
Heads will roll and we try again
Three hours worth of fantasy in a world
where make-believe is an empty
endeavour. How can my murder rejoice
to this then?
Week after week after week
Then goodbye, nothing more
How droll! Prithee bring me back
my hopes and fears!
 My tragedies and desires!
Nights spent awake in excitement
Over joy, over hope,
over love, over you.

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