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One queer sunny evening

yesterday perpetual boredom led me to do something i have been aching to do in quite awhile move so what happened was i whimsically turned away from this laptop and went straight to proper gear the flops were bad though i could say it took me five hours to do a whole walk from shepherds bush to the outskirts of twickenham approximately from around five in the afternoon under the waning hours of the solar heat until eleven in the evening which was around the time father would have returned from work i did it out of spite from my current predicament that which is comparable to a sloth perhaps worse and i needed to spit at any concept of comfort now that i am of the realisation that i could be getting old as other older people have made me aware i enjoyed the walk thoroughly i enjoy every pain endured and thought of it as more of something that i deserve than something which prohibits me from doing things because i have to be frank i have been doing nothing but nothing over the past year or so and it is becoming disgustingly uncomely for someone of my age and someone of potentially my calibre i measure myself highly in terms of spirit not so much of with resolve i did stop on a few occasions particularly when i reached chiswick it was a breezy walk not too far from shepherds bush i realise i just kept going straight until i found a sign to richmond and i figured i might as well head into that direction i did spend some time in a starbucks in chiswick getting my writing groove on or so i thought the moleskine mechanical pencil that i shoplifted long ago ran out of bullets and had to procure some one of these days after writing this perhaps so i sat there with my grande mocha frapuccino sneakily nabbed some mints along with it and my normal request of a starbucks cup with ice cold tap water spent my hour or so noticing passers by and whatnot and then played some monster hunter unite along with it a feeling with which i thoroughly despise the g ranked red khezu i fought was fucking mental took me forty or so minutes to end that single phallic piece of shit dickhead had to consume a large amount of my supplies including my sanity using only a rank seven hidden breaker with skills that include a large attack boost an earplug and reckless abandon +1 that shit normally deals high amounts of damage but it never seems to be the case when i go against this red bitch queso fucker i almost couldn't bear it but i eventually succeeded i almost followed it up by going against an emerald congalala but that fartsy bozo was too tanky and i could not be bothered to go on after that previous encounter gave up and resumed my walk from chiswick i went southwest more towards my destination which is richmond i didnt want to revisit some places that stirred some sentimental value within me or memories which served to harm me especially of those that connects me with you know who i was fortunate to arrive there before it got really dark in fact i could assume by then that it was around eight or nine i arrived in richmond and saw the place still lively as last i recall it to be figured i could probably see or meet the chinese place i used to work in which did not really last for very long went inside a restaurant asking for a job out of whateverness i had no cv so i had to mosey as quickly as i came in i really didnt having meaningful interaction with strangers at all which i was hoping to do wanted to relive that magic of my travel experiences this one was so minor compared to that it did remind me sometimes of it especially the part where i arrived in richmond and decided i should follow the thames path which led me to twickenham after a long winding road where it got darker and darker with each step i encountered a place where a concubine of a certain king george once held residence and all i could do was watch and hope and marvel at the view of it all from my distance once i arrived in twickenham everything was about to close some restaurants that were still open however were empty and in dire need of a riot the nearest bus stop led me to believe i was outside london and could not be fully sure if that was truly the case there was no sign of the underground anywhere although from further walk i did discover a bus stop that would have led me straight back to hammersmith i was actually in it until i realised that my oyster was empty and the driver would not take coins even if it meant my life so i carried on and my feet caved in sooner moreso than later i was wearing my fathers crocs and though the experience began on a slightly comfortable note it ended with me limping back towards waterloo station from god knows where i ended up feltham or some place strawberry hill perhaps i could not honestly tell there was a woman with a dog who frightened me out of my wits as they exited an alleyway i think she said something to me but i did not catch her words nor do i have any intentions of making my cowardice open to her ridicule i moseyed on and surrendered when i saw the nearest national rail station on the corner i would have kept going but i had no supplies and my feet were ill prepared i arrived in waterloo at about midnight when its shops were only about to close but not before i nicked a pen or so on my way home i would do this experience again but before i arrived home and slept i realised i may have induced febrility upon myself i washed my dirtyass feet to realise blisters had already formed right below my right toe i will not be fazed and hindered however i am planning to make another one of these with my kathmandu in tow and proper shoes to boot no pun intended i wanted to visit poole or bournemouth perhaps brighton maybe who knows really but i need gear and the right amount of time i want to be kept busy and i want to inflict a bit more pain to myself a pain i believe which is more productive and helpful than overall detrimental it felt more like an exercise really than a chore that part where i walked the thames reminded me so much of my solitary ride from milngaive to fort william the first one before me and you know who went there on my second go at it i want to go right before the weather turns back to cold as shit so hopefully right after my responsibility with greenwich dance i will find work earn money and live like a nomad sounds like a plan right i certainly so and it gives me a fresh perspective of my drive towards happiness a plan that has always been the same from the get go i wont fail and i swear i cannot fail it is not humanly possible let me get what i want this time

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