Somehow I feel revitalised by the prospect of a new flame.
A bird whose wings are not that far off from the previous dame;

Whose talons are as sharp as her wit can only be whetted whole,
And whose beauty is paralleled only by the purity of her soul.

She strengthens my laborious days.
She inspires my mind in many different ways.
She speaks to me without a shred of malice,
Unlike those others whose hearts are callous

Her words make my spirit smile, and I want her to stay for awhile;

Like when she said a magical thing happened in her life when she met me.
I was eating lunch when I read it, and I had to choke on my tea.
I want to deserve her, the best that I could possibly be;
Avoid the same mistakes and the pain I foresee.

There's a storm ahead and I feel fine;
Dark days are coming but my intentions are divine.

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