Pray for me, Artecia

I should have known by now how different my life would have been had I not laid my eyes upon you. Our first-chance meeting was serendipitous by nature and yet calamitous upon time. We should have known it would lead us both astray, and I can no longer move on in order to accept all of that which is wrought upon my soul.

When you walked outside of that door, I followed you to the very end until I can no longer, and yet as my tears rolled and as I begged for my final words to make you stay, you laughed in my face, walked to the opposite direction and didn't look back. I couldn't understand. The eighth of August was tattooed into me forever wrapped with all the pain and the rage. I fell down the steps, one by one, each step losing a part of me. My life would never be the same.

Pray for me, Artecia. You will always be dear to my heart. Pray to me as I would towards your future endeavours. Pray for me that I may not give in to devious thoughts, to juvenile instincts, to the whimsical. I am not as brave as you. I've never been as happy until you came along. Now you're gone and you brought the sun along with you. No matter how many candles I lit to honour your memory, none can replace the incandescence of the one true sun, and I hope that Spence will save you from the terrible memory of me. I love you and will always will. Goodbye.

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