Busan: Lack of priority

Tell me what I should do. I don't want to wake up every single time without a thing to do and nowhere to go. My thoughts wander and it seems there is no more turning back. I'm a horrible person. There is no one more cowardly than I am.

Your plan wouldn't work.

Then tell me what I should do. I don't want to be speaking to this machine rather than someone else. This trip was supposed to be a mission, not a lazy party.

Sometimes luck inspires a good person to turn bad. It is until someone suffers that we find ourselves crying over spilled shit.

How long have I been staying here in Seomyeon? How long has it been since then?

Long enough.

I need to restart my quest, but it's very cold outside and my money is running out quickly.

No one will help you except Austria. I don't know how to repay Austria, for the kindness and support.

It's the end of the line. Take a chillstep and rest for now, young gun. Let's fight a good fight when you wake up.

I fear when that time comes I will shut down and cower within myself.

Never allow that to happen. Remember equal measures.

I have played too many Leagues. It sickens me but there's nothing else to do.

Make this the last day and promise to yourself so.

I promise.

May tomorrow bring odds to your favour. Let the cold inspire your rage and ressentiment.

I promise.

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