The fight to leave this country and go to South Korea

My life will certainly not be reassured of any penance after starting this Korean odyssey, but it will certainly jumpstart it into a different setting and a new beginning. It's been taking so long to fix this and I fear that my vendetta will be sorely disappointed with the results. Protip: It's going to be a train wreck. 

I haven't told Mioseon yet and I don't intend to anytime soon. My plan was to come guns blazing and see things for myself in unadulterated sight. This is to feed my paranoia, the thing that keeps me alone in a dark room as a self-proclaimed hikikomori. A couple of days before the hour of reckoning, and I feel a strange sensation that everything that I've ever worked for will self-destruct right before my eyes. I'm so fucking stoked that I ate a bagful of my own fingernails in excitement.

Money. It all falls down to money. Once my visa arrives, I head down immediately to the Korean embassy and wait for confirmation. Then from London I would devise a plan to get to Seoul then to Busan the cheapest way. By hook or by crook, I need to be there. I need to witness for myself. 

With my trusty rucksack and a heart full of hurt, I will labour this demise. I know the address, I have the dictionary needed to be able to converse, and I have the determination to survive whatever else happens. The last thing that Mioseon will expect is me camping out her window.

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