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Pounds of Flesh

The fifth annual London Burlesque Week – running from 26-30 April 2011 – has once again found its way throughout London town with intent to titillate and satisfy the enthusiasts and neophytes alike with erotic performances by top-tier talents found from anywhere around the globe aiming to push the boundaries of the art of the strip and the tease and undoubtedly deliver a truly memorable night that will last for the ages. Spearheaded by none other than the internationally-acclaimed producer, Chaz Royal, and presented by Secrets in Lace, this week-long event serves as a centre stage for the finest burlesque performers aiming to revive the perceived glamour of burlesque as an art. The opening gala was set in HMS President (1918), moored at the Thames with awe-inspiring panoramic views of the capital including a scintillating view of the London Eye just across. 
This event was hosted by the delightfully alluring Ivy Paige who enticed the audience at the beginning of the show with her outrageous yet hilarious banter, carefully introducing the actual performers one by one while putting on a standout performance of her own. Group performers soon began to make way for the stage in order to showcase their dance offerings and to spice up the stage while awaiting for the main course of what was to lay ahead. Soon after that, individual performers with very distinctive styles and diverse backgrounds each found their way on to the stage and presented short, sensual and artistic pieces meant only for the audiences’ amusement. First to break the ice was the beautiful Betty D’Light, who not only performed her piece with extreme precision, but also succeeding to combine grace and sensuality in her piece. Other performers that followed her are: the arousing Diva Desaster; the mystifying Missy Fatale; the sultry Marianne Cheesecake; Pinky & Lennart, who not only gave a surrealistic performance but also a laugh-out-loud moment to cherish; the elegant and unforgettable Siren Stiletto; the stunning Loulou D’Vil, oozing with sensuality and pizazz; the classy Dixie Dynamite, whose slow and steady approach to teasing greatly differs as to when she performs her impressively fast tapdancing; the voluptuous and exotic, Luna Rosa; and the royally quirky, but nevertheless erotic, Ginger Blush. 
The event shortly ended with a thunderous ovation from the crowd while the host reintroduced everyone involved in the production, from the actual performers at the beginning until the end up to the sponsors and managers, the veteran producer, and the technical assistants. 
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(c) Czen Limbago 30 April 2011

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