Avoiding the can of worms

Hey, wall of text. How are you today? Feeling good? Yes, I am. Thank you for asking. Yes, it is my second day today doing my shitty writing. Finally, a structure! Thank God! I stole the next room's table and put it on my own. It's really lovely, you should see it some time. All I need now is my gaming chair and everything would be lovely, yes. I bought a dictionary today, but it wasn't a real dictionary per se. You see, it has a secret. Secret that only I know (for now). Know where I bought it? No? From a gadget shop down at Westfield! So that means there's something funny about it. Well, there is in fact quite different about it. You see, it's not really a dictionary. It has no pages or anything like that. It's an undercover safebox! No one will know about it except me! Of course! What? I'm acting weird? No you! Yes you! Oh shut up.

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